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About Us

'Rural Gallery' is proud of its authentic Rural Products. Whether they are handcrafted items like cushion covers, soaps, jewelry, etc, or organically grown food items rice, pulses, and desi ghee etc which reflect the true side of Indian rural parts. The objective of the Rural gallery is to maintain the heritage of India and to get recognition throughout the world. 

Rural Gallery embarked upon its journey in the direction of genuine products using an ideal blend of authenticity with modern science and formulations to meet the expectations of the modern world. The promoters of ‘Rural Gallery’ understand the desire of people’s needs and serve in the best way possible. 

Our Vision & Mission

With a huge line of products, there is a large variety of products which show Indian culture we all forget about. Rural gallery is all about being passionate and committed to its market and customers with countless efforts and best quality products. We value the belief of our customers by providing them with the “real, authentic & ancient face of India”.